Election Trivia – Which Political Party came to power in a big Indian state within eleven months of its formation?

Posted on December 10,2012

The state is Andhara Pradesh and the party is Telugu Desham Party. It was formed on 29th March 1982 and its founder N T Ramarao declared on its formation that the main motive of the party was to get rid Andhara Pradesh of Congress rule which was ruling the state since its formation i.e. 1956. Elections were scheduled in Andhara Pradesh in August 1983 but the state government re scheduled it to January 1983. TDP won 199 out of of 294 seats in the state. This despite the fact that the party was not recognized by the election commission when the state went to polls. The candidates of TDP had to contest as independents. Hence the official election results shows them as independents.