New Features: Party Performances, Browsing History and More

Posted on January 09,2013


As promised, we are constantly adding new features on our website based on feedback received from you.  These new features would not only help in better analysis of election results but also enhance your browsing experience on our website.

1. On home page, under what's new section, check All India Ac Distribution Across The Parties. Here you can see the AC seats shared by all parties all across India as per the most recent election.

2. From this report, you can click on a party name and it will lead you to a summary page of all the assembly seats held by the party by state. For example if you click on BJP, you can see, list of all assembly seats held by the party.

3. We have added a feature on almost all pages where a person can see "Last five unique visited links". This is developed so you can see the last links you visited on our website. This is in tab with Related Links box.

4. We have completed the synchronization between the PC name across the delimitation. So now if you search PC Adilabad on home page,you can see the complete data from 1952 - 2009 on one screen. What happens when you search for Aurangabad or Hamirpur names which are in more than one state? Explore and find.

5. Now when we see party performance for across elections, we can also see impact of parties on seats where it did not win or came second. For example, if we check MNS performance here, and click on the no. of contestants for that particular election, we will find list of contestants MNS had in that election with party performance in each seat. On the same page in Related Reports section, click on MNS Impact AC 2009 to find out in which seats MNS had got more votes than the margin of victory.  This report would give an idea of the impact that parties like MNS, PRP, GPP etc have on our elections.

Apart from the above mentioned features, we have also made some changes in Filters so that they now function seamlessly. Do check these new features and get back to us with feedback and more suggestions.