New Feature: Districts for Assembly Constituencies

Posted on July 05,2013


As we continue to enhance IndiaVotes with additional data and features, we are glad that now we have updated Assembly Election results for all states with Districts.

So now when you check assembly election results on our website, you would also know the district in which the constituency falls. By clicking on the district, you can check all the assembly constituencies that fall in the district and their election details. For example check the assembly constituencies that fall under Mumbai City and Mumbai Surban district.

We will enhance this feature and add more analytical district level reports.

  1. Sir

    Census 2011 data provides household data districtwise including share of mobile phones, TV, Internet connectivity bank accounts, etc. Is it not possible to integrate these data points. Meaningful analysis can be done especially which regard to target promotion on TV, etc

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  3. Why isn’t there a district wise assembly constituencies list from the year 2004 on the whole internet?
    I am searching for two weeks.
    Do you have the data?

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