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India Votes is India's largest public elections resource. It covers all Lok Sabha elections since 1952 and all State elections since 1977. IndiaVotes already has data on over 200 national as well as state elections and will be enriched with inputs from users.

Even though election data is available online, it is not easily searchable or cannot be consumed in structured formats necessary for analysis. IndiaVotes aims to become the open-source equivalent and Wikipedia of election information in India.

Much of the raw data for the site was sourced from the public domain and then processed to make it useful for analysis.

While the navigation on the site is quite straightforward, there are a few issues which need clarification:

  • Delimitation: Every 25-odd years, constituency boundaries are re-organised to factor for the changed population bases. The most recent one took place in 2008. The previous one took place in 1972. In most cases, even though the constituency name may be same, the nature is quite different. We have chosen to treat delimitation years as cut-off years.
  • State splits: Independent India has seen its states being re-organised for many different reasons. This is reflected in the State searches.
  • By-elections: We have updated all Bye Elections results for all Lok Sabha elections and for all state elections since 1977.
  • Alliances: The website has alliance data for Lok Sabha elections since 1991. Alliance data is also updated for some major states since 1991. We would update this information for all Indian states.
  • Maps: Lok Sabha results since 1996 can be visualized on Maps. For assembly elections, results of last two elections are available on Maps. We plan to update Maps with all election results on IndiaVotes.
  • Election Analysis: There are tools like Swing Impact, Close Contest etc which help in analysis of election results. We also plan to introduce features which would show impact of assembly elections on Lok Sabha and vice versa.
  • District and Region: We have updated district information for the latest delimitation. We would do the same for all election data on IndiaVotes. We also plan to enhance the website with socio cultural regional classification for all assembly and parliamentary constituencies.
  • Name Mismatches: This is a tough one. Names of people have been split in many different ways. It is not possible for us to clean up all of them. This is an effort we propose to undertake in the future.

Think of IndiaVotes as work in progress. We will be adding many features in the coming weeks. Please do let us know in case you have any specific requests or if you find errors. If you would like to help with expertise in data, software or visualization, do let us know.



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